About Infinity Web: How to use these websites

Infinity on the web is an online project presenting a collection of ideas about infinity. What follows is a non-peer reviewed, often impromptu, archive of material spanning: philosophy, religion, science and the arts. 

Since the material is aimed at non-specialists it can be profitably read by any curious readers without a specialist background in mathematics or philosophy. Feel free to browse through these webpages and read the posted material. We encourage linking and feedback but please cite us if you make use of any of the text on these pages.

Although this material is copyrighted, fair and good faith use with attribution of any content herein, if done for non-commercial personal, educational or scholarly purposes (including linking to the original pages on other the websites) is permitted without copyright release. Commercial use of these materials, on the other hand, cannot be made without written permission of the authors. Images on Infinity on the Web are either proprietary or in the public domain, or are otherwise used by permission of the copyright holder.

Questions about any of the content on this website can be mailed to me, B.G. Tassone, the website author and developer.